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What Will You Do With What Is Available To You Now?

90% of the world’s data has been generated in the past two years. We have a striking advantage over those that lived 100 years ago. Some of the greatest creative breakthroughs in history were birthed with only a fraction of what is available to us today. Consider Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers, Walt Disney, Johann Sebastian Bach, and many more. People are a creative force anointed and gifted by God with or without technology or resources available to them.

I challenge you to think about the great things that have been designed, created, or innovated by men and woman who started with nothing but the shirt on their back and a few dollars in their pocket. What creative things exist inside of you that are waiting for you to bring them out? There are things deep inside you that may be the answer for some of the greatest problems the human race is facing today. I encourage you to bring them out. The world is waiting and the actions you take truly matter. Just imagine what you can do with the technology and information about to you now!


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