The Tyranny of the Urgent vs Priorities

The tyranny of the urgent can really screw up a person’s sense of direction. This can especially be true when your schedule is so full that you haven’t allowed yourself time to step back, breathe for a moment, and see where you are going. I found myself in that place this week when I almost lost a significant art and work opportunity that I really wanted to do, because I kept pushing it off to do the jobs that were screaming at me. I can’t even say that I did this for the money because between the two the pay was the same. I also noticed that I had stopped exercising and doing those small daily things that make me a happier person. My life was under the tyranny of the urgent!

Just writing this post I’m thinking to myself, “Nathan, what on earth??” Why would you do that??” I was not making the best decisions. I had to pull back and think about what I was doing, so I took some time to detox. I turned on Bethel… my favorite worship music, and just soaked in it for a while. This was awesome! I felt Holy Spirit lift the burden, give me peace, and relief from the stress. My head was clear again.

It’s amazing what you can see when you are ‘right in the head’ when you are looking at your life. I could all of a sudden see that I had been giving ‘all of my oil to the squeaky wheel’. Well, that nearly caused one of the other wheels to fall right off the wagon! I realized that I was not allocating my time the way that I should have been. I was giving all of my attention to the clients that were yelling at me the loudest and I was allowing them to pull me into their personal chaos. This put me completely out of balance.

Well, not anymore! I have returned to the peace of first things first. I’m reorienting myself to a strong sense of personal and professional priorities. I am exercising again and reestablishing the disciplines that are so important to me. So long, Chaos, you are not welcome here!

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