The Magic Of Drawing

“Drawing is Magic.” – Marshall Arisman. I saw this quote at my local bookstore today in a book by the same title. I love this statement! When I read it, I was struck by it. There really is something that feels magic about just letting yourself free to express yourself without limits in drawing.

Other people or teachers or even your own thoughts may tell you that you’re not drawing right or to fix your work. There is a time to work over refining the details. And there is a time to just let yourself loose and not worry about it. I challenge you to take time to draw unedited. Creative writers need to do this as well, with their writing. Just let your creativity flow and explore the expression of your imagination. Let the kid inside you play!

As I looked further in this book it said that when kids are playing on a jungle gym that nobody tells them, “You’re not doing it right.” Nobody says that. The author encouraged artists to “make drawing your playground.”

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