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When Bullies Start Attacking Your Art…

I watched it happen to two of my artist friends this week. A sixth grade girl named Suzy is growing in her love of drawing, and it is stirring up jealousy in one of her classmates who began lashing out and verbally tearing apart her work.

The other artist is a high school girl named Glory, who has an intense passion for animation. Glory is dedicated to her craft and is growing leaps and bounds in her skill. She will create an animation in an afternoon, throw it up on YouTube, and get 40,000 views. She is an amazing girl with a massive amount of raw talent!

But recently, Glory’s work is rousing a ton of jealousy, and the angry critics are coming out in hordes. They write hurtful things on her Facebook page and exert a lot of energy to express their disdain and disapproval of her work. The ridiculous thing about this is that the critics can’t produce a fraction of the talented work that Glory creates. They are jealous! They can’t stand it! They feel small inside. And the only way they think they can make themselves feel like a bigger person is to attack and tear down Glory and her work.

Glory is entering into her greatness. She has found her passion and is living in it. Every day she invests time into her talents and is becoming even better at what she does, one small step at a time.

So if you are taking a risk and putting your passion out into the world, and if the bullies have been attacking your art, be encouraged… you are entering into your greatness! It does not matter what other people think about your art. God gave you those artistic talents and he loves the creative works that come from your heart. And more good news is that he is giving you the power to become as skilled and talented as you want to be. He wants you to succeed and to become all that you were created to be. I want that for you as well.

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