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A Prayer For The Dreamer

How is the creative journey going for you? Every artistic person has a dream inside of them that was woven into the fabric of their being when they were created. That includes you! Sometimes we drop the ball on the things that are most important to us and our lives become over-crowded with lots of stuff that we don’t even enjoy doing. But when that happens, all we need to do is make room for our dreams and pick them up again.

I wanted to encourage you today in the great things that are in store for your life, so I wrote a prayer that you can pray to receive blessing and empowering:

Creative dreams be awakened! Broken dreams rise up and take flight! God, empower me to pick up my dreams and run with them again!!! Strengthen me!!! Finances be released! Connections be released! Support come! Give me the grace to seize all the opportunity you are sending my way that none of it would fall through the cracks or be wasted or lost. Grant me speediness of hand and work. Be the Center of it all that my efforts would please You and bear much fruit! Grace and empower me to make it all for You and for Your Glory! I receive your grace, your power, your anointing, and your creativity! I choose today to enjoy the creative gifts you gave me and to have fun expressing them!

Have a awesome day today. For your bright and prosperous future!

Nathan Fisher