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Alaska Basin On-Site Drawing

Here is the 2nd drawing I did while on my backpacking trip. This campsite was my favorite. The landscape is fascinating, very green, and unique. Numerous small rivers poured into one giant river which flowed down the canyon, passed our campsite and towards Idaho in the distance. A full-color painting or even a highly skilled photograph couldn’t fully articulate this beauty of this place.

I sketched the contour lines of this scene as the sun was setting until it was too dark to see anymore. The next morning I awoke at 6 AM, returned to the same spot and finished the details as the sun was rising. I felt like I could sit there for hours and just enjoy what I was seeing, hearing and experiencing as I drew.

Obviously, I love to draw. Drawing in nature is one of my most loved experiences. This is one of several ways I enjoy and express my creativity; like playing electric guitar and creating digital art with a computer.

You are unique and express creativity in a way that is specific to you. What is one way you enjoy expressing your creativity? What is a creative expression you’ve never done before that you’ve been interested in doing?