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Cascade Canyon On-Site Drawing

This is the 3rd drawing I did while on my backpacking trip. Cascade Canyon is the most popular place to backpack into and camp in Grand Teton National Park. Campsites fill up quickly so you don’t want to spend too much time being picky about where to set up camp
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Alaska Basin On-Site Drawing

Here is the 2nd drawing I did while on my backpacking trip. This campsite was my favorite. The landscape is fascinating, very green, and unique. Numerous small rivers poured into one giant river which flowed down the canyon, passed our campsite and towards Idaho in the distance. A full-color painting
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Grand Teton National Park On-Site Drawing

I just returned from a week long backpacking trip in the backcountry of Northwest Wyoming. During this trip I stayed at several extremely beautiful campsites, and I did three graphite drawings in those places. It was so fun to sit at the top of a giant rock and draw these
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