video production reel


3D Animation & Motion Graphics Reel

Reel of Ideas Ablaze video effects work done for clients.





Animation for “The Prayer Factory”

I was asked to create a stick figure animation for “The Prayer Factory” to be placed on the homepage of their website. The idea is to have three people who are weary, sad, and burdened go into the Prayer Factory and come out free of their burdens and happy to live life again.



Fred The Red Bulldozer

This animation was created for the pilot episode of the “Kamp Kreatures” children’s TV show. It has aired on the “Smile of a Child” TV network. The desire of the client was to create a very simple animation style using illustrated elements that were hand-drawn on flat boards, imported into the computer and then animated in After Effects.



“Children’s School of Fine Arts” promo

This video was written, directed, produced, and filmed in HD and by Nathan Fisher. Motion graphics and editing were done in Premiere Pro. Animation was created with Zaxwerks ProAnimator. Duration: 3:07 minutes.

“I was thrilled by your recent work on the video for the Children’s School of Fine Arts Spring registration. The video was a great success. The positive comments given to me by the congregation were significantly greater than from any other type of promotion we have done in the past, and our enrollment increased by 27%! Fall enrollment was about 33 students and we now have 45 students enrolled this spring. I am certain this increase was due much in part to the video you put together for us, as we made no other change in the way we handled registration.

What I particularly like about the video was that you were able to pull together all of the testimonies and bits and pieces of information given to you and communicate, very effectively, our mission and why someone’s child would benefit from our program.

Nathan, you and your company are great to work with. You listen to your client and work very hard to achieve the goal that has been set. When this video was being put together, we had a short deadline and suffered through three major snow storms, but you went above and beyond to make sure we had it ready in time. I appreciate your work ethic!”

Julie MacCluskey, Director, Children’s School of Fine Arts




LOST: Blizzard 2007 promo

This promotional video was created for the “Blizzard 2007” youth winter retreat. The theme of the 2007 retreat was based on the popular TV series “LOST”. I was given some rough, consumer grade footage to work with. The client asked me to “spice it up” and make it interesting.



“Beyond Barbie” event promo

I was asked to produce this promotional video for a women’s retreat event for a church. The theme of the retreat was called “Beyond Barbie”. I was aiming to produce a short video with a corny, cheesy and comedic style to make light of and expose the cultural pressure that woman feel to be “perfect” like a Barbie doll.

I co-wrote the script with Carol Cole. I co-directed the audio and video recording with Kelly Filgo. I then edited the content in Final Cut Pro and created motion graphics with After Effects. I was also the puppeteer for Barbie #1 and Kelly Filgo was the puppeteer for Barbie #2.