Book Cover Design and Illustration : The Stone’s Blade Book One – The Blood

Book Cover Design and Cover Illustration : The Stone’s Blade Book One – The Blood by Allynn Riggs

Science fiction book cover design and original, hand-painted, wrap-around cover illustration for self-published author Allynn Riggs. Also featured is the back cover, interior page samples, and layout designed and created by Nathan Fisher at Sci-Fi Book Cover Designer.

“I sold a book to a waiter at a restaurant yesterday because of the cover – I love having the book with me. It really is a great cover. So many subtle things to keep me looking at it.

The local author coordinator at Tattered Cover Book Store was going to place The Blood up right on her desk while it was being logged-in so she could just stare at the cover. The first time she saw it her first word was “wow!”

I am so privileged and lucky to have you working on my covers. Thank you, Nathan. I am honored. You have made my imagination visible.”

Allynn Riggs author of “The Blood – The Stone’s Blade : Book One,” Centennial, Colorado