Book Cover Design for The Following Book Two

I just finished creating this book cover illustration and cover design. The book, “The Following: Behind The Eyes of Beniwan” is a fun and exciting interplanetary story in a unique style with similarities to “The Chronicles of Narnia.” It is the second book in a trilogy by author Tom Terbush and is in the process of being printed right now.

The cover concept I have illustrated is conveying the central theme of this book when the heroine and the villainess come into direct conflict and confrontation. The villainess (left side) has darkened eyes that look like empty caverns, but the heroine (right side) looks straight at this presence of evil with her eyes ablaze with love, truth, and the mysterious powers of The Ancients.

Want to know what happens? Find out in two weeks when it is released on On it’s inside pages, the book also includes 12 beautiful works of art by illustrator Diana Stanciulescu.

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