Grand Teton National Park On-Site Drawing

I just returned from a week long backpacking trip in the backcountry of Northwest Wyoming. During this trip I stayed at several extremely beautiful campsites, and I did three graphite drawings in those places. It was so fun to sit at the top of a giant rock and draw these pictures as I was immersed in God’s breathtaking creation.

I had to pack lightly because I was carrying a lot of gear for both my kids and I over a 30 mile loop through extreme elevation changes. I was equipped with only a pocket sketchbook, four graphite pencils, a white eraser, and a small sharpener. Here is the first of the three drawings I did.

At this location, I was in the middle of a massive canyon with rock walls that exceeded 2,000 foot elevation on either side. Right next to our campsite, down a steep slope approximately 100 feet was a raging river. We were camped on top of a series of giant boulders. This place reminded me of Yosemite valley.

I encourage you to get outside this week and draw or paint in a beautiful place that stirs your inspiration. I believe doing this will refresh you and awaken your creativity. It did for me.

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